LDM Engineering

Event Internet and Networking Services

LDM Engineering can provide internet and network services for almost any event. Our Cisco Certified staff is capable of working with your team to ensure that you have the right solution for your event without breaking the bank.

LDM Engineering has been providing event internet and networking services since 2005 and has established a reputation with it's customers of being able to deliver creative and reliable solutions.

In the past we have worked with various technologies including wireless and landline to ensure that we can provide the amount of bandwidth needed in the compressed timeline most events have.

A typical service will include onsite technicians from load in to load out to ensure that everything goes smoothly. If desired we can provide a turn key solution dropping wired network connections where needed as well as supplying and managing wireless access points for press as well as staff.

Our experienced technicians posses both the know how and hardware to react to the ever changing environment that can happen during an event.

We also offer the ability to stream audio and video of an event to your offsite participants.

Put LDM Engineering's networking experts to work for your next event.


Past Events

X-Box 360 Zero Hour

Provided 45 Mbps connection via wireless when telco could not meet the required deadline. Utilizing our radio tower trailer parked at the event to provide a NOC on wheels we were able to run fiber into the event and use the venue's existing fiber infrastructure to communicated within the large hangar.

X-Box Halowood

We used both T-1s and a wireless link back to downtown Los Angeles with a repeater on a local parking structure to provide service. We again supplied wireless access to staff and allowed for smooth gameplay.

E-3 2007 Microsoft Briefing

This event had 4 bonded T-1s ran over Santa Monica High School's existing fiber backbone using VLANs. We had seperate networks for the production company, Microsoft staff, event machines, backstage staff, press and two live video casts from the event. We also made a wireless link to the hotel being used for other E-3 events so that once the briefing had finished we could use the bandwidth at the other location as needed.

Grist 2007 Presidential Forum

For this event we used a wireless link from the Wadsworth Theatre to downtown Los Angeles to provide well needed bandwidth when AT&T couldn't deliver in time. We provided onsite networking support, wireless for the press and live video and audio streaming of the event.

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